How’s Your Self-Care?

Taking care of ourselves is often the last thing on our minds, though we all generally know that it’s more important than ever. We have to meet that deadline, use break time to run errands, accomplish all the items on our list. We all know the negative impact on our health that stress can have—so,Continue reading “How’s Your Self-Care?”

Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

In the face of money issues, such as chronic debt, it can be tempting to throw up our hands in powerlessness or blame others for the problems we face. Yet, if we’re willing to look at our own beliefs about money, we may find that they’re getting in the way of a sense of well-beingContinue reading “Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs About Money”

Can This Relationship Be Saved?

Angie and Darrell have been married for 14 years and have three children. One day, after taking their son to school, Angie spotted Darrell in a coffee shop holding hands with another woman and whispering intimately. She felt as though the ground was slipping away beneath her. How could this be happening? How would theyContinue reading “Can This Relationship Be Saved?”

Guilt as a Form of Feedback

Like a baton in a relay race, guilt is handed on from person to person. Each generation receives it and passes it on to the next. Parents, teachers, spouses, businesses, governments, and religions have used it—consciously or not—for behavior modification or punishment. It is such a part of the fabric of our culture that weContinue reading “Guilt as a Form of Feedback”