Getting Through Grief

Every death is different, and every relationship is different, which makes the experience of loss and grief different for everyone. Grief is a journey, and when someone dies, those of us who mourn will take that journey in a unique way. It’s a journey through some of the most emotionally intense and painful passages ofContinue reading “Getting Through Grief”

10 Hidden Symptoms of Substance Addiction

Substance abuse doesn’t always announce itself with a staggering gait or red eyes. Here are some often-missed clues that someone could be struggling with an addiction. 1. Lying and promise-breaking. These include the oft-made (and bro- ken) promise to “never do it again,” whatever “it” is. 2. Recurring financial difficulties. Repeated money crises, a lot ofContinue reading “10 Hidden Symptoms of Substance Addiction”

An Important Relationship Survival Skill

Using inflamatory language— especially during a conflict—can cut in ways not easily healed byapologies. Whether they are cruel and aggressive wisecracks or retorts that penetrate like a fast-flung dart, these types of comments escalate a fight like nothing else. And when the zingers begin to outnumber the kind words spoken to each other, it mayContinue reading “An Important Relationship Survival Skill”

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