Increase Your Inner Strength to Thrive in Challenging Times

Catastrophic events like hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and floods can knock us to our knees. But personal catastrophes can pack an equally powerful punch. Our spouse is diagnosed with cancer, our son has a mental breakdown, we lose our home. Often these events seem to come out of nowhere and feel completely unmanageable as we struggleContinue reading “Increase Your Inner Strength to Thrive in Challenging Times”

How to Counter Your Inner Critic (When It Becomes Lethal)

The Critic is a common and unfortunate constant in our inner lives. This internalized voice assumes the tone and language of our mother, father, religion and/or society. After every step forward there it is, doubting or damning our choice. But for many people, “critic” is much too mild a word. The voice they hear isContinue reading “How to Counter Your Inner Critic (When It Becomes Lethal)”

Are Your Beliefs Affecting Your Mental Health?

Beliefs or assumptions about people, places and things can be automatic. It’s likely a throw-back to our reptilian brain, which constantly scans to see if we are safe or in danger. Some assumptions are useful and necessary—such as assuming that night will follow day. However, other beliefs and assumptions can undermine our well-being, our levelContinue reading “Are Your Beliefs Affecting Your Mental Health?”

10 Ways to Truly “Show Up” for Therapy

To be proactive in your own growth and development, you have to do more than just physically attend therapy sessions. Here are some additional ways to show up. 1. Know what you want. How do you want to feel? How will you know you’re improving and growing, or when you’re ready to stop? 2. ListContinue reading “10 Ways to Truly “Show Up” for Therapy”

Couples Unbalanced: The Dangers of Too Much (or Not Enough) Closeness

Two people fall in love and from that moment on, they go every- where and do everything together. They are a perfect match sexually. Their interests and values coincide in every respect. They are inseparable. This is how love goes…right? Well, no. This is the myth of being a couple: two lives merge into oneContinue reading “Couples Unbalanced: The Dangers of Too Much (or Not Enough) Closeness”

How to Turn Fear and Vulnerability Into Strength and Empowerment

Michael doesn’t walk, he swaggers. He doesn’t talk, he commands. When his children and friends head for the exit, he figures they just don’t have the guts to handle such a big, important man. But he has an ulcer and he can’t sleep. Lately, he’s been having nightmares about being trapped. Deep, deep down, he’sContinue reading “How to Turn Fear and Vulnerability Into Strength and Empowerment”

Take the Quiz: Are You Unwittingly Hindering Communication?

We want to help our children when they come to us with a problem. So we console, interpret, advise, distract or praise. Or we interrogate, lecture, moralize or order. We might even blame, criticize, ridicule, shame or withdraw. However, all of these responses are problematic—whether with our children or with the adultsin our lives. TheyContinue reading “Take the Quiz: Are You Unwittingly Hindering Communication?”

10 Paths to Mutual Respect and Genuine Intimacy

A good marriage is created when each spouse appoints the other as “guardian of his/her solitude,” to quote a line from a poem by Rainier Maria Rilke. And it’s this kind of committed partnership that forms the basis for mutual respect and genuine intimacy. Here are 10 ways to contribute to the development of thatContinue reading “10 Paths to Mutual Respect and Genuine Intimacy”

Open the Door to a Fresh Start

We all have regrets. Big or small, recent or rooted in a long ago incident, these are regrets we mostly wish we didn’t have. We wish we hadn’t made that choice, taken or not taken that life-changing action, behaved that way. But perhaps we should not wish them away so quickly. Regret, according to NealContinue reading “Open the Door to a Fresh Start”